By doing a video tour of your listing and sharing it on our YouTube channel, you're not only increasing the visibility of your listing (we currently have over 500,000 YouTube subscribers!) you're also giving potential customers a better idea of what your listing is all about.

When we upload your tour to YouTube, we'll then embed it into your listing. This way potential leads can see the tour right there on your listing. We also receive millions of views each month on YouTube so people can find your listing there because we always link video tours back to your listing from YouTube.

How To Have Your Tour Featured

To have a tour of your tiny house featured simply contact us. You can do this by click the blue chat button on any page on the site, or email us at [email protected] From there we'll send you a Dropbox link where you can upload the tour. If you don't have editing skills, you can just send us the raw video and we'll edit for you including music, etc.

A few things to remember

If you plan to use a smart phone to film your tour, be sure to hold it sideways! This is also referred to as landscape mode. This is super important! 

Also, our viewers have overwhelmingly requested that video tours include you in the video giving details about your listing and even a backstory if you feel inclined. If you're not comfortably in front of a camera, you can narrate behind the camera. Videos that only have video and no narration tend to not do a well.

We also feature tiny houses that aren't for sale on YouTube! We do this to promote the tiny house lifestyle from our platform. Our mission is and has always been to spread the benefits of tiny house living and provide solutions for going tiny.

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