Generally-speaking, there are 3 ways a tiny house can get to your tiny house to your location assuming it's on wheels or has the ability to be delivered.

Pick it up yourself
It's very common for tiny house buyers to travel to where the tiny house is and drive it back to their location. This is assuming the buyer is or has someone that's confident to tow a tiny house down the road. More often than not, the buyer elects to rent a tow vehicle from somewhere like Uhual or similar. Be sure to check the vehicle's towing capabilities to ensure you're towing safely.

Have the seller deliver it to you
Sellers very often elect to tow the tiny house to your location with for free or for a fee. Usually in the listing info. you'll see the lister's notes:

Use a 3rd party shipping service
Another option to have your tiny house delivered to you is by hiring a moving company or person that specializes in towing. A good service for getting delivery estimates and bids for delivery is

Remember, the maximum width a tiny house can be shipped down the road in The United States without a special permit is 8.5' wide. If you live elsewhere, be sure to check with the appropriate authorities for clarification.

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