When posting your listing for sale or renting, here are some best practices for increasing the chances of getting it sold or rented.

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One of the biggest factors of selling your listing is the price. Not only are potential tiny house dwellers wanting to downsize their homes, they are also wanting to downsize their expenses. We recommend initially pricing your listing at a competitive price that you feel is fair and what potential buyers or renters would consider to be fair as well. Remember, you can always change the price if you need to in your dashboard. 

The title should be very accurate and descriptive but also concise. Look at the title of your listing as its elevator pitch. Think of the best selling attribute and Here are a few quick examples of good titles:

Victorian Styling Cottage With Stairs To Access Loft
Off Grid Yurt With Lovely Stream On Property
Micro Apartment In The Heart of SoHo
Lightweight Tiny House Perfect For Frequent Travel
Refurbished 1800's Cabin Secluded In The Forest


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Lead response time
In a study conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT, a real estate agent's odds of converted an online lead into a sale are increased 100 times if they respond to the lead within 5 minutes. While many of the factors below will help you get more leads and also filter out leads that are truly interested, your response time to a lead is most likely the most important factor to converting genuinely interested leads into your buyers or renters. 

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