You listed your listing to The Tiny House Listings site and it wasn't approved, bummer! Not to worry, here are a few reasons your listing wasn't approved and how to resolve them.

Mention of finding information elsewhere
Tiny House Listings is a pay-per-lead service. This means that initial communication between yourself and a potential buyer or renter takes place via The Tiny House Listings website. If a lister adds their contact information such as email, phone number, website or how to get to their social media accounts, etc., the information will usually just be redacted and the listing will still be approved. However, in some cases the listing will not be approved and you will receive an email from a listing moderator explaining why the listing wasn't approved. To remedy this situation, you can login to your account, remove the information in question and resubmit your listing for approval. 

Using photos that don't belong to you
If it has been determined you used photos in your listing that aren't your own, your listing won't be approved. It is our policy that the only images you may use for your listing are your own.

No images
Your listing must include at least one photo of the exterior and one photo of the interior. We encourage posting as many photos as necessary to paint a clear picture of your listing.

Using words in your photos that lead to other websites or social media accounts
If the images you upload for your listing have words or instructions on how to contact the lister outside The Tiny House Listings site, your listing will not be approved. 

Larger than 500 square feet or 46m2
The maximum size a listing can have on Tiny House Listings is 500 square feet or 46m2. Lofts aren't factored into the overall size. If your listing is larger than 500 square feet or 46m2, your listing will not be approved. 

Foul language or undermining other listers
We prefer to keep Tiny House Listings a happy, healthy, positive place to buy, sell and rent tiny and small real estate. If your listing uses bad language or talks in a negative fashion against other listers or builders, your listing will not be approved. Your listing will be approved once you remove these issues and submit your listing for re-approval. 

False pricing
The price you pay per qualified lead on the site is determined by the listing's asking price. In some cases, a lister may be tempted to list their home at a very low asking price to lower the price they pay for a lead. This not only greatly reduces your chance of selling your listing by false advertising but also violates our company policy and your listing will be rejected.

Duplicate Listing
You may only list your tiny house once on the site. Since search results are not displayed in chronological order but instead of relevance to the potential buyer's search, the incentive to post the same listing regularly to be placed on top of the search results doesn't exist. If your listing information changes, such as the price, description, etc, you can login to your user dashboard and edit your listing. 

Have questions on any other the above? Please let us know. Happy listing! 

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