When you're shopping for perfect tiny house, or just dreaming for the future, you'll definitely want to keep track of the ones of you love. This is why we created a very useful tool on our website called "Dreamlists."

The purpose of dream lists are:

  • To help you collect tiny houses for sale or rent that you are interested in
  • Find inspirational
  • Want to share with others
  • Group and categorize based on a certain theme or idea¬†
  • Or simply homes that you would like to keep your eye on

For example, let's suppose you have a specific budget for your tiny house and only want tiny houses on wheels. You can create a Dream List and then "dream" any tiny house that fits that criteria to that dream list. You can then share it on your social media accounts or with friends and family members. You can start creating your own dreamlists here or learn more on creating a Dreamlist here.

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