What Is A Legitimate and Illegitimate Lead?

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When a user of The Tiny House Listings site is interested in your tiny house for sale or rent, they are given the option to contact you to make inquiries. Only users that have confirmed profiles are allowed to contact you. We also monitor user's that have a history of producing bogus leads and prevent them from participating on the site.

Examples of legitimate leads

A legitimate lead is someone that sends you a message expressing their intent to buy or rent from you. Here are examples of messages that a legitimate lead would send you. 
Is the listing price negotiable?
I am interested. When are you free to show it to me?
I didn't see photos of the bathroom, can you me some?
Is the loft big enough to fit a king-sized bed?
You didn't mention if the home has a compost toilet or traditional flush?
Can I tow this tiny house with my Ford F-250?
I am very interested! Here is phone number number...
Here is my phone number, can you give me a call to discuss? 

A legitimate lead expresses their interest in learning more about the listing which moves them further towards your goal of selling or renting it to them.

Examples of illegitimate leads

An illegitimate lead is someone that but isn't genuinely interested in buying or renting from you. In this case you have the option of disputing the lead which we will review. Here are examples of messages that an illegitimate lead would send to you. 
I love the color of this house! I'm building one now and would love to know the color for my build.
I'm just browsing. You have a beautiful home for sale!
Cool home!
How much did it cost you to build this home? I'm wanting to build one similar for myself. 
An illegitimate lead doesn't express their interest in learning more about the listing which moves them further towards your goal of selling or renting it to them.
It's worth nothing that less than 1% of all leads generated on the site are disputed by listers.

Please note, that once you provide your contact information such as phone number, email, website or social media profiles, the lead is no longer eligible for dispute.

What Happens When I Provide My Contact Details With A Lead?

Once you provide your contact details with a lead such as your phone number, email or website, the lead can no longer be disputed. If you feel the lead isn't legitimate, please refrain from providing your contact details and dispute the lead.

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